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What Can We Do To Prevent Digital Eye Strain?

Just as we need different pairs of shoes for different occasions, we also need different, specialized lenses to cater for our varied vision needs.

To accommodate how much digital devices have changed our lives in the last ten years, EXYRA has developed lens technology

to protect eyes from blue light, glare and other environmental stressors.

Blue Light Filter Technology

EXYRA glasses are specially designed to optimize vision when viewing content on digital screens. Our lenses absorb and reflect the high-energy blue light that can otherwise strain your eyes.

The lens also allows healthier blue-turquoise light in, which helps in proper color perception and wakefulness. Thus, professions demanding ‘true’ colors — graphic design, video and film editing, or creative visual arts, our lens is specially designed to look natural. Therefore no colors are distorted

Reading Enhancement

Near vision tasks such as coding, using Excel and reading are becoming even more challenging. Our eyes are not designed to focus on a distant point for long periods of time, so any extensive work performed up-close will stress your eye muscles. 
Even when normal vision doesn't need correction for everyday tasks, you may find that long hours spent viewing a computer screen may still cause eye fatigue. This optional feature is designed to increase the magnification of your sight and accommodates the difficulty of focusing on close-up objects without the need for excessive focusing effort.
Blue Light Glasses reduces stress of your eye muscles

EXYRA Blu light Blocking glasses offer UV protection

UV A/B Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) can damage your eyes in many ways. When we think of UV protection for our eyes, we normally think of sunglasses. However it's not feasible to wear sunglasses all the time, so it's also important to have UV blocking built into our clear glasses.
Unlike traditional spectacle lenses, our glasses offer UV A/B protection and can be worn in almost any situation, indoors or outdoors.