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About the company

Every day millions of people go to work around the world, and spend the majority of their time staring in to their computer screens and many experience digital eyestrain and not knowing why and how to ease the pain. Curious by nature, Raymond started to do some research. He learned that digital eyestrain was linked to prolonged exposure to blue light, the type of light emitted by digital devices and artificial lighting fixtures. While there are glasses designed to reduce digital eyestrain, the current options available on the market are plain and unattractive. Raymond searched and searched and came across nothing that he would be comfortable wearing in public. Thus, EXYRA was born: a pair of affordable, stylish, blue light-blocking computer glasses. With EXYRA, the focus is on protecting people’s health but also on producing beautiful, handcrafted acetate glasses. This way, you can look great and keep your eyes healthy. ​

About the founder
Raymond Seubelan Founder of EXYRA. Graduating from university with an engineering degree, managing a big project, analyzing crucial data, and seven years of endless hours spent in front of multiple computer screens, working tirelessly for a major oil and gas service company. This has been my life for the last eight years. Now, I'm leaving it all behind to start a company from scratch. But one thing will remain the same: I will still be spending numerous hours a day in front of computer screens. I believe every engineer who has invented some new technology or created a solution, believes that the hardest part of the process is taking that solution to the market as an entrepreneur. After I finished working with oil and gas, I enrolled at the business school in Brisbane, and their courses gave me ideas about how to start my entrepreneurial career. I'm excited to take on the coming challenges and opportunities that face startups every day. Life is full of risk and uncertainties, but the only way to get through is with hard work and execution.

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