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Frequently Ask Question

When will I receive my EXYRA eyewear?

For metro areas in Australia
Place your order before 3pm AEST and your order will be dispatched the same day,

Sending to same state:

Metro - up to 2 business days

Country - up to 5 business days


Sending interstate:

Metro - up to 3-6 business days, depending destination points

WA and rural areas
Allow 2-7 business days for delivery.

Prescription Order

Due to high demand and the time it takes to prepare quality glasses, it could take 2-3 business days to process your order. You will receive a confirmation email, along with the tracking number from Australia Post once your glasses have shipped.

Where do EXYRA eyewear ship to?
EXYRA eyewear ship globally!

What is your return policy?
We offer 100% money-back guarantee against our products. Very simply, if for some reason the product does not meet your expectations, the glasses can be returned within a 60-Day period. More information about RETURN POLICY

Are these glasses available in prescription?
Yes! our glasses are now available in Prescription and Non-Prescription.

Are there any prescriptions you cannot fill?
We offer Single Vision Lenses only, correcting for near or farsightedness. We do not process bifocals or prescriptions with an add power. Currently, we provide power ranges from SPH +5.00 to -4.00. CYL +1.75 to -2.00.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at help@exyra.com.au

How do I provide you with my prescription details?
After we accept your order, you can send us through a copy of your prescription to help@exyra.com.au. Please include your order reference number in the email (you can find the reference number in our order confirmation email)

What is magnification lens and do I need them?
This magnification is designed to take pressure off your eyes by slightly enlarging the object, so your ciliary muscle does not overwork. So, how do you know whether to go for magnification or not? Simple: If you spend long periods staring at your computer and not interacting with your immediate environment — while coding for example or inputing to Excel, then we recommend magnification. If not, you don’t need it.

If you still can't decide feel free to contact us at help@exyra.com.au. PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement required for optimal result. Please find the following link on how to measure your own PD. How to measure you PD

Where can I try EXYRA glasses?
We understand that wearable product such as eyewear could be personal sometimes. So our web engineering team are working on integrating virtual try-on features to our site. Meanwhile you could send us one color photo passport size to help@exyra.com.au and we will fit in your photo with different frame style of your choice. Just like this example.

How much Blue Light EXYRA eyewear block?

Our lenses block 70% of harmful light on the spectrum of 380-440 nm. The lens is not designed to block 100% of blue light since we need to allow healthier blue-turquoise light in, which helps in proper colour perception and wakefulness.