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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Screens Can Be a Pain in the Eyes. EXYRA Computer Glasses Helps!

Every day millions of people go to work around the world, and spend the majority of their time staring in to their computer screens. Most of those people will go home with a headache, and not always caused by their boss. That’s where EXYRA comes in. Digital eye strain and Computer Vision Syndrome has become the focus of many scientific studies over the last twenty years. EXYRA glasses are formulated to be the best eyeglasses available to combat digital eye strain. As digital devices have become almost universal, the workplace has become a perfect staging ground for a new type of condition: Digital Eyestrain. In order to combat this condition, we need to understand what causes it, what its long-term effects are, and how we can manage it.

Computer Screens Can Be a Pain in the Eyes

​Any type of eyestrain is caused when your eyes are exposed to uncomfortable situations. While your computer, tablet, or phone might not seem uncomfortable to use, your eyes see things a little differently. This has to do with the entire light spectrum. The light spectrum encompasses all forms of light, visible and invisible. Some colors you see are low energy and long wavelength, such as red and yellow. Others have high energy, and short wavelengths, such as blue and purple. In the chase to find clearer and brighter colors for digital devices, manufactures have edged ever closer to the high energy visible light. This “blue light” causes your eyes to work harder to process the images you are seeing. While not as intense, the strain you are feeling on your eyes from the computer is the same strain you feel looking directly at the sun.

So maybe your eyes hurt once in a while, every job has its draw-backs, right? Not so fast, eye pain is just one symptom. Computer Vision syndrome can lead to blurred or double vision, headaches, and even satellite pain in your neck or back. No, Computer Vision Syndrome isn’t going to kill you, but it can make a bad day exponentially worse. It is important to put a stop to it as soon as you feel the first twinge of pain in the back of your head.

​The best way to deal with Computer Eye Strain is to modify your environment. If you are working on an old style monitor, upgrade to a new flatscreen. These have been shown to have less eyestrain for the users. It is also important to minimize glare. If you work in a bright white office, add a bit of color, something to look at while your eyes rest. Proper lighting also assists in reducing eyestrain. Unfortunately, not everyone can make such changes to their workplace, or even afford them. Low cost solutions anyone can do include being sure to blink more, or get up a few times an hour to give your eyes something else to focus on.

You have to go to work, there’s no way around it. However, work doesn’t need to give you a headache. EXYRA has the perfect pair of glasses waiting for you. Take care of your eyes, and they will take care of you.