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The Dangers of Digital Eyestrain and What You Can Do

Sleep Disruption Because of Blue Light

Is Blue Light Harmful to the Skin?

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October 17, 2019  

How appearance plays a role in the professional world

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” This saying is so well known, its practically a cliché. But what it actually means can be as fluid as the corporate environment you work in. If you don’t take your business outfit seriously, the people you work with may dismiss you as disorganized, or worse, a clown. How important is it to maintain a professional appearance?

September 17, 2019  

Why you need to invest in computer eyewear

Do you think about maintaining your eyes regularly? Don’t feel bad if you don’t - most of us neglect to care for our vision. We shouldn’t be so neglectful, though, because our eyes can falter if they’re not maintained.

October 17, 2019  

Is Blue Light Harmful to the Skin?

Our skin is one of the best indicators of our overall health. And because it’s always on display, problems with our skin’s condition can quickly lead to a loss of confidence.

Many of us follow a daily skincare routine and avoid exposure to the sun, but is this enough? Could other factors in our modern lifestyles be upsetting our skin’s delicate balance? One of the areas dermatologists are just starting to study is the effect of blue light on the skin. In this article, we look at the research and answer the question: Is blue light harmful to the skin?

June 17, 2019  

Sleep Disruption Because of Blue Light

As technology becomes more and more ubiquitous through our lives, researchers are looking into the effects of our computer usage on our sleeping patterns. The news isn’t good: Blue light emitted by our electronics is destroying our circadian rhythm. A lack of circadian rhythm effects our sleep cycle, our health, and how we can fix it.