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How To Take Care Of Your Blue Light Glasses

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How To Take Care Of Your Blue Light Glasses

EXYRA blue light glasses not only improve your vision, they also shield your eyes from UV rays and blue light. It just so happens that EXYRA glasses are quite fashionable, too!

Here are several ways to protect your eyeglasses.

Sanitize Your Eyeglasses

Each pair of EXYRA glasses comes with a premium lens cloth. Clothing and tissues shouldn’t be used to wipe your glasses. You might inadvertently take off the protective coating on your glasses if you use these materials. For optimal results, your frames should be cleaned on a regular basis with mild dishwashing soap, warm water, or a lens cleaning solution. Be careful when holding them - lenses are delicate no matter how sturdy the frames are.

Use a Case to Carry Your Eyeglasses Around

Each pair of frames we offer prevents glasses from getting crushed or scratched. People who keep their eyeglasses on their head don’t realize they are warping the frame’s form by doing so. The result: a frame that slips off your face.

Eyeglasses Shouldn’t Be Left in Hot Cars

Don’t let your eyeglasses sit on your vehicle’s dashboard. Severe heat can warp your frames and damage your lens. Think of your windshield as a magnifying glass in the sun.

Take Care of Your Eyeglass Frames

Use both hands when putting your eyeglasses on and off. When you do so with a single hand, your frames will gradually become looser. For correct application, use two hands to slide your glasses above your ears, then place them on top of your nose. To remove your eyeglasses, raise the frame’s arms, then pull them off your face.

Much like your automobile and home, your EXYRA glasses warrant regular care. We have small eyeglass screwdrivers to fasten screws on the frames if they become loose.

Fastening Loose Frames

Loose eyeglasses are a nuisance. They could slip right off your face and get damaged if you suddenly move. An expensive optometrist visit is needed when your eyeglasses warrant repairs. However, repairing loose frames can be done on your own with an eyeglass repair kit.

Fasten the screws on both sides of the frame. You’ll find a small screwdriver in your eyeglass repair kit. This tool can be used to keep the legs of the frame on the front of the eyeglasses.

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