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10 Productivity Tips If You Have to Work from Home

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10 Productivity Tips If You Have to Work from Home

Working from home can be an excellent opportunity for many professional. However, productivity may suffer from the additional distractions of chores, family members, and lack of oversight to keep you away from TV, games, or social media.

These productivity tips help remote workers find their groove and stay in it.

1) Create a Dedicated Workspace

Although not every home has a spare room to transform into an office, you still need to establish a dedicated workspace for you to work and you might also want to invest in ergonomic office furniture, if you haven’t already. The key point is that be sure its’s a comfortable and limited distractions area, so you know you have to work when you step into the zone.


2) Get Helpful Tech

Choose not only the best computer and communications equipment for your job, but also invest in technology that helps make the workday easier and more comfortable. For example, computer glasses that block blue light can prevent eyestrain and promote increased productivity.

3) Keep Office Hours

Not only should you dedicate specific times to work, schedule your work hours around your peak productivity period will help to boost your productivity. One of the great things about remote work is that you can do it at 7 AM, 4 PM, or midnight depending on when your energy and focus levels are highest.

4) Set Goals and Get Organised

Productivity depends largely on goal setting, schedules, and project organisation. Use a calendar, to-do list, or task app to plan both daily work and longer-term projects.

Some of our top pick for task management and calendar apps are:

Remember that you can achieve more when you know exactly what to do and celebrate the smaller accomplishments along the way.

5) Remove the Distractions

While working from home gives you the freedom to structure your schedule, it also provides the opportunity for a lot of distraction. Turn off the TV and stay off social media if possible. This could help avoid distractions, so you can focus on getting more done.  

However, you may consider working with music playing instead. Even though you are not a music fan, studies have found that listening to soft, classical music could help improve focus while you work.

6) Schedule Breaks

Every workday includes breaks, and your remote work should include them, too. Along with keeping set office hours, scheduling your brakes will play important part in increasing your productivity and creativity levels. The Pomodoro technique, for example, boost productivity by promoting focused bursts of work with regular breaks every half hour.


7) Get Everyone on Board

Unless everyone in the family is out of the house during your work hours, they must leave you alone to prevent distractions this include your lovely pet. Make sure you clearly communicate with your family or friends about your specific work hours

8) Give Yourself Rewards

What you do after you achieve a goal or finish an important part of a project? In order to boost motivation and productivity, set up some type of reward system to increase positivity associated with hard work. The rewards do not have to cost a lot. Consider things like a special coffee break, five more minutes of playtime outside with your dog, or a bubble bath at the end of a hard meeting.

9) Exercise and Live Healthy

Productivity gets a boost from healthy living. Regular exercise and nutritious food promote both physical and mental health for improved clarity and energy. Remember to get up and walk around on your brakes to prevent issues with a sedentary lifestyle.

10) Re-evaluate to Keep Things Fresh

Even after you use these tips to increase productivity when you work at home, things can get stale or less effective over time. Re-evaluate your schedule, adopt new habits, or create a vision board to remind yourself of your goals and dreams.

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