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Why you need to invest in computer eyewear

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Do you think about maintaining your eyes regularly? Don’t feel bad if you don’t - most of us neglect to care for our vision. We shouldn’t be so neglectful, though, because our eyes can falter if they’re not maintained.

We at EXYRA concentrate on user-friendly eye care. Wherever you work, you should be wearing eyewear that protects your eyes from the dangers within your workplace, such as heavy-duty eyewear or goggles. For those behind a keyboard for the better part of the day, another type of protective eyewear is essential.

Why is Workplace Protective Eyewear Necessary?

Sitting behind a computer screen for excessive periods can cause discomfort, even for just a couple of hours. Digital eye strain is present when you exhibit symptoms like blurry vision; watery or dry eyes; irritated or sore eyes; and headaches.

Digital eye strain is more common than you might think:

      • Over 83% of Australians claim to use digital devices for more than 120 minutes daily.
      • 53.1% of Australians claim to use two devices at once.
      • 60.5% claim to endure digital eye strain symptoms.

What Forms of Protective Eyewear are Available?

If you’re behind a computer screen for any reason, you are encouraged to wear special computer eyeglasses. Lenses today can be customized to filter and reflect parts of blue light on screens. This can minimize eye strain by limiting the exposure of the eye to the light source.

Are you concerned about wearing computer glasses? You shouldn’t be. They’ve progressed in quality and comfort over time. Gone are the days when computer eyewear was clunky and unfashionable. The lenses and glasses you can wear these days are produced with comfort as a priority. As such, you’ll able to protect your eyes from blue light exposure without any discomfort.

The variety of computer eyeglasses offered by EXYRA were created with style and comfort in mind. Our lenses were manufactured to fight the effect of digital eye strain and alleviate the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. A proprietary lens coating absorbs and reflects blue light transmitted by backlit devices and computers. Each one of our eyeglasses has this blue light reflective coating, as well as a hard coat to prevent fingerprint smudges and scratches.

Browse our selection of protective eyewear on our website. Get ready to work comfortably and fashionably!

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