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Consequences of Digital Eye strain

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Bringing Digital Eye Strain Into Focus

Everyone wants to be comfortable at work. If the work environment isn’t at least pleasant, everyone suffers. Office morale goes out the window, productivity plummets, and workers will leave the company like the building was on fire. One of the best things that can be done is to ensure that your eyes are taken care of. However, optical visits are expensive, and glasses seem like they are always dirty. What’s the big deal, anyways? It’s just a small headache at the end of the day, or is it more? EXYRA can help. We have spent years building the best eyewear to keep eyes healthy. Eye health, and the impact of eye strain has become a focus of many workplace investigations, and the health consequences may be more serious than first believed.

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According to, minor symptoms of eye strain include dry eyes and blurred vision. While not life threatening, any distraction or minor inconvenience can lead to bigger problems, especially in high-stress situations. Blurred vision can be a hazard when driving, or reading a document. Dry eyes, or watery eyes, can cause the same problems with vision. Minor symptoms can be treated easily enough. Your ophthalmologist can prescribe you a pair of computer glasses to reduce glare, and blue light. If that’s not what you’re looking for, the solution could be as simple as getting up a few times an hour to give your eyes something else to look at. In most cases, treating minor eye strain is just a matter of small changes throughout your day.

Digital Eye Strain

A more severe symptom of eye strain, or computer vision syndrome, is constant headaches. These usually manifest themselves behind the eye, or at the back of the head. These headaches are usually minor, but persistent. Constant persistent headaches are a very real concern for those suffering from migraines. Even a minor headache can start a chain reaction that will end in a migraine. Light sensitivity also accompanies the headaches. Office spaces are known to use fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights and light sensitivity don’t mix well, with the former often magnifying the effects of the latter.

One significant source of eyestrain is blue light, emitted from any computer screen, or energy efficient bulbs. According to the Harvard Health Letter, blue light has some great benefits during the day. Blue light attracts attention and boost moods. However, at night, it effects the human circadian rhythm. This disruption to the sleep cycle has been linked to several types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity. How can the same blue light have such different effects on the same body, just at different times of day? It is all about sleep. The blue light that is contributing to your eye strain is also doing a wonderful job at tricking your body to not know what time it actually is. Once your body is out of sync with itself, it loses track of when it can begin to repair damaged cells or tissues.


Digital Eye Strain is nothing to laugh about. A little problem can lead to bigger ones, or contribute to them. Fixing the small things can lead to a happier workplace environment, and a more productive team. EXYRA has created the optimal optical aid to combat eye strain, and prevent headaches.

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